How does mediation work?

Family Mediation is an inclusive process for separating and divorcing couples to work through the practical, financial and legal terms of their settlement agreement. Its founding principle is that you are free to act and make choices that work for you (self-determination), and that no one else needs to know your business (confidentiality). Generally speaking, your mediator will manage the process (how to work together) and you will decide on the substance (issues to address).  Read More..

The way forward

Paradoxically, working together during the separation process helps create the life each of you want post divorce/separation. For most, there are quite a few things that need sorting out---and it takes courage to express needs and concerns on issues that would stir conflict even before the separation. The same goes for finding the willingness to listen. Read More..

How we operate  

Our mission is helping families through separation and divorce with clarity and compassion. Clarity, essential for understanding your options and making informed decisions. Compassion, to ease the pain in doing the work that is necessary. 

What we provide

We guide you through the legal, financial and emotional challenge of reorganizing your family structure, and towards integrative solutions and durable agreements.

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David S. Rosen Esq.

David has trained with some of New York City’s most prestigious mediation institutions including the Ackerman Institute, the Center for Conflict and Understanding and FamilyKind. He has also completed an extensive apprenticeship with Resolutions Mediation LLC in family mediation. He is a volunteer mediator with the New York Legal Assistance Group, and the New York City Family Courts.   He is an active member of the NYC Bar Association, NYS Bar Dispute Resolution Section, and the Family and Divorce Mediation Council of Greater New York, where he is a member of the Public Relations Committee.

"Your guide through separation and divorce without court"